Thank You! 

The month of February was a joyous, as well as, monumental time for the Madame Butterfly Too Crew. We celebrated our black ethnic heritage, and spotlighted either upcoming designers- or black designers we think you should know. We delved deeper into the African Diaspora by locating designers part of the scattered puzzle from countries such as Haiti, Dominica, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, America, any country with color- you name it! Overall, we celebrated us this month. February is about us, February is for us, February will forever belong to us. In other words, the Madame Butterfly Too Crew would love to thank everyone for their support and help this past month of February. From our Facts & Fashion posts about new designers- to our “Diaspora on a Stool”  showcasing ONLY black owned fashion businesses, we were busy. We want to show people how much we appreciate our being one. It is an annual reminder for us to stay as a united black community, who gifts with servitude and benevolence.

The Diaspora on a Stool was an event held on February 28, 2017 at the illustrious Clark Atlanta University (CAU). The audience were in good hands that night with the highly proclaimed hostess Constance Boothe, the owner of the online boutique Madame Butterfly Too, as well as Cynthanie Sumpter, the chair of the fashion department of CAU. The two collabed with several designers from different parts of the African diaspora to showcase the powerful extent of African inspired fashions. The designers features were Arthlene Legair, A Lady Named Pearl, Bramer Leon and others. Their pieces exuded the heritage of African high chic fashion, as well as, juxtaposing the cultures of European and Afro-centric pieces.

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This February was also a month to showcase the talent  that Clark Atlanta University nestles in the fashion and English department. The Madame Butterfly Too Crew is composed of students attending school in the AUC, who worked the behind the scenes of our February projects. We would also like to take time out to thank our team for making this month possible, and making Madame Butterfly Too not only a fashion marketing enterprise- but establishing a foundation for black support. Peace and Love always.


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