Jumpers for 2017

IMG_4992Maxi dresses and skater girl skirts are not the only summer staple making headlines. If you’re a girl that doesn’t like to show too much arm and leg, but being primped and polished is still in your style guide -than Jumpers are going to be your favorite piece all summer ’17. Jump into summer with Madame Butterfly Too as we display our new Jumpers for a summer bonfire, or a mid-day cookout. We are featuring Jumpers from various lines, with different styles but the same ‘leg room’ and versatility .

The spandex Jumpers from our summer collections, offers women of all shapes and sizes the same appearance of a Grecian Goddess. The gathered drape at the legs of the Jumper sets the sensual look which appeals to any shape and size, and also 217181-2_2048x2048AA_23_of_324_2048x2048lilac_2048x2048mustard_2048x2048any occasion. The various colors will have you racking your shopping cart for any outting since they fit perfectly for any fashionista! Whether it’s a BBQ, or just shopping at your local Wally World -our jumpsuits offer versatility.

We’re running a summer deal where our Jumpers are $39.00 individually, but you can get two Jumpers for $34.00 each! Shop with MadameButterflytoo at madamebutterflytoo.com


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